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Builders Lien Filing Helps!
Posted: January 16, 2017

If you’re a contractor, sub-contractor, material supplier, or even equipment rental provider you should exercise your right to lien the property if you’re not getting paid! There are certain conditions that apply, especially for material, and equipment rental providers. Most of the lien requests we receive are within the 45-day time line for non-oil and gas liens, however we get calls from companies that are just a few weeks past the deadline. Majority of these cases lost their lien rights because they had been assured that the “cheque was in the mail”, or “just one more week and you’ll get paid”. Do not let this be you!

It’s much easier to file a lien on the property, and release the lien once payment has cleared, and if payment doesn’t occur you have more options to collect on if your claim is proven in court, especially for sub-contractors who hold a claim against a general contractor and have a valid interest in the property as one example.

Contact us for more information on how having a Builders Lien filed can help you get paid! We’ve had many clients successfully collect on liens for hundreds of thousands of dollars. Don’t lose your lien rights because “the cheque is in the mail” or “we can pay you next week”. Your customer has already failed to meet their obligations, secure your interests today.

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*Disclaimer: The article written above is not to be taken as legal advice. We’re not lawyers, the content above is only our opinion. All legal advice should be obtained from a lawyer, and any use of this information in the context of legal advice is considered misuse of the information provided.

4 Great Reasons to Choose Us

  • Zantia Group is geared and ready to go to meet your business needs! We provide services to individuals dealing with credit and debt issues, as well as help dealing with personal collection matters. Businesses use us for our expertise in credit and accounts receivable advice and training. We’ve also expanded our services to provide Alberta lien filing for companies that are requiring liens without the hassle of waiting for a law firm, and the excessive charges for the lien filing service.

  • We help individuals deal with credit, debt, and budget issues. If you’re wanting to get back on track in life, and you’re unsure where to turn, give us a call so we can guide you with a custom plan that works for you! We also help individuals deal with collection agencies. Stop collection calls, know your rights!

  • Are you a business that employees credit and accounts receivable analysts? We’re here to help build stronger teams by providing our expertise on how to improve your reduction to bad debt exposure, reduced DSO, and understanding how to handle bad debt accounts without the added cost of using collection agencies. We’ve worked in 1st and 3rd party for over five years, and we understand the process involved and how to tweak your approach to get effective results.

  • Struggling to get paid on a job you’ve done? Did you get paid for the supplies you provided on site? If someone is reaping the benefits of your hard work and materials, you should be filing an Alberta Builders Lien right away, time is very sensitive as your right to file is limited. You can also have us send an Intent to file a builders lien demand letter. We provide consultation and coaching through this process as part of our package. If you’re in Edmonton and surrounding area, we can visit you on site.
We help better personal lives, business bottom line, and help get you paid with lien filing.

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